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Cooking Class

22 January, 2020 by wp_1334650

Book the Best Private Cooking Class Amalfi Coast Italy!

Best private Cooking Class Amalfi Coast Italy: you’ll learn the techniques and the recipes of the local cuisine and you could choose the theme of the lesson: vegetarian cuisine, pasta, patisserie, Neapolitan pizza.
Amalfi Coast apartment rentals offers many tourist services among which one of the most interesting are beyond doubt the Cooking Class Amalfi Coast Italy, where you will have the opportunity of learning the techniques to prepare the typical dishes of our local cuisine. The Chef Vito Piccolo is a thirty two years old that has always been passionate about good cooking, after many important experiences abroad he decided to start this new adventure. His cooking is based on the use of high quality ingredients, on the respect of the seasons and on the use local products. Another goal that is very important for the Chef is to work the food as less as possible in order to leave its freshness and its authenticity intact.

Discover Italy Cooking Class Amalfi Coast!

Our most important aim is to satisfy our guests’ requests, so the Italy Cooking Class Amalfi Coast will be arranged and conceived individually. Every guest can decide the theme of the cooking class, for example a vegetarian lesson, a lesson on freshly – made pasta, a patisserie lesson or even an entire lesson dedicated to the famous Neapolitan pizza, we leave full choice to our guests because our aim is to make them feel enthusiast and happy at the end of the experience.
Every lesson of Italy Cooking Class Amalfi Coast will last approximately 3 hours, the guests will enjoy cooking with the Chef. At the end of the lesson Cooking Class Amalfi Coast you can taste all that has been cooked with a glass of a good local wine.
Amalfi Coast Rental Apartments will give each guest a souvenir.